There and Back Again: on the VGS 2018, deep changes, and upcoming news

I finally returned from the fourth edition of the Viridis Genii Symposium, which took place in the Pack Forest in Eatonville, Washington, and it has been a hectic, impressive, and life-changing experience. I had the chance to travel to a completely new place by myself, I met amazing and like-minded people, and I learned a... Continue Reading →

Cross the Hedge: Devilish allies and thorny gates to the Otherworld

I still remember the places where I carried out my practices before moving to the Pyrenees. I used to go to a beautiful plateau, delimited and circled by hawthorn, blackthorn, and blackberry bushes. I remember pricking my fingers with their thorns, both willing and unwillingly. And I remember the sense of alert and protection I... Continue Reading →

The Complexities of Cursing

At end of the year we decided to start working on something we had never done before: a new incense blend (which is to be called Maledictio and will soon be made available) to aid on curse and banishing spellwork. This may come as polemic to some, since this kind of spellwork is often labelled... Continue Reading →

A Ritual of Harvest

  Autumn is here. Not astronomically, not "oficially" here, but there is always one day when you can feel the vibrations of autumn in your bones, in the trees, in the wind. And that time came last Thursday. I left home to do the last harvest before the Dark Half of the Year (during that... Continue Reading →

Toad Witch Incense

Toad Witch incense, Occvlta's last creation, is comoposed of a series of spirits which were carefully chosen by us after a series of trials. Here is a small review on its components: amber resin: a resin of transformation and transmutation, sacred in Europe throughout the past, enhancer of firery power. blackberries: fruits of the hedge,... Continue Reading →

Sacred Tool series: the Harvester Set

Today we received six harvesting knives wonderfully envisioned and hand crafted by Cody Dickerson from Borealis Ironworks (you can find his fantastic Etsy shop in here), which will integrate the upcoming Harvester Sets (composed of a harvest/gathering knife and an oil to anoint the blade before the harvesting ritual). They are perfect sized (portable and... Continue Reading →

Materia Venefica: Hyssop, Spirit of Protective Majesty

Hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis) is the first plant spirit we'll be investigating in the Materia Venefica, a series of articles regarding our experiences with endemic Pyrenean plant spirit covering all its essence and magical applications. In Materia Venefica you will not find medicinal approaches to plant usage, but folk beliefs, literary references, and, above all, our... Continue Reading →

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