How to Kill a Tradition: Appropriation in Current Esotericism and Spirituality

In the light of current events, ie. a case of a Spanish actor who was charged for accidentally killing a man with toad venom during an alleged shamanic ritual, we now feel the need to talk about the elephant in the room once again: appropriation in spirituality and esotericism. We talked about it when dealing... Continue Reading →

Cómo matar una tradición: apropiación en el esoterismo y la espiritualidad

A la luz de unos acontecimientos recientes, el caso de un actor español que fue acusado de matar accidentalmente a un hombre con veneno de sapo durante un supuesto ritual chamánico, sentimos la necesidad de hablar del temita de siempre: la apropiación en la espiritualidad y el esoterismo. Ya hablamos de ello hace años cuando... Continue Reading →

Calendario cursos online 2020-2021

Necromancia y Herbalismo, las Plantas de los Muertos 3-10 octubre 2020 a las 5pm Un recorrido a través de la historia y evolución de la Necromancia, una de las prácticas de hechicería más antiguas de la historia. Descubriremos las distintas plantas y aliados vegetales que han sido usadas en necromancia, ritos funerarios, y el culto... Continue Reading →

Online Courses calendar for 2020-2021

Necromancy and Herbalism: the Plants of the Dead 4-11 October 2020 at 6pm Spanish time A journey through the history and evolution of Necromancy, perhaps the oldest form of sorcery. We will discover which plant allies that have been used in necromancy, funerary rites, and ancestor work since ancient times. The Path of Poisons 7-14-21... Continue Reading →

Necromancia y Herbalismo: Curso Online Octubre 2020

Necromancia y Herbalismo: Las Plantas de los Muertos Introducción Contenidos del Curso Calendario Precios Cómo inscribirse Introducción Nuestras vidas dependen de la muerte. Nos alimentamos con la Muerte cada vez que comemos, revivimos a los Muertos cada vez que hablamos o pensamos en ellos. Celebramos cíclicamente la muerte y el renacimiento del ciclo natural. Y... Continue Reading →

The Path of Poisons: 3-Week Online Course

Historical and Anthropological Dimensions of Poison in the Western Tradition Introduction Course Syllabus Calendar Pricing How to enroll Introduction It seems the allure of Poisons is irresistible to us. Despite representing what is dangerous and forbidden, we cannot seem to ever escape their calling; poisons inspire something primeval and powerfully seductive, they offer us the... Continue Reading →

La Senda de los Venenos: Curso Online de 3 Semanas

Dimensiones históricas y antropológicas del Veneno en la Tradición Occidental Introducción Contenidos del Curso Calendario Precios Cómo inscribirse Introducción Parece que el encanto de los venenos es irresistible para el ser humano. A pesar de representar lo que es peligroso y prohibido, parece que nunca podemos escapar de su llamada; los venenos inspiran algo primitivo... Continue Reading →

Pyrene, Awaken Once More

This weekend we attended the second edition of L'Homme Sauvage festival, in the French region of Occitania. We never thought it would be possible, but this edition was even better than the first one. Everything seemed to collide perfectly: the people, the performances, the location, and a feeling that gave cohesion to it all, orchestrated... Continue Reading →

Hedge-Cross Incense

Our Hedge-Cross Incense is crafted under the New Moon, and it is composed of oak wood, vetiver root, black copal resin, calamus root, damar resin, henbane seeds, cypress leaves, fennel seeds, sloe berries, and macerated in honey. This incense has a deep sweet and inebriating aroma, and it is inspired in the aromas of the... Continue Reading →

Warding Incense

The Warding Incense is intended for the protection of spaces and living beings; it's a very woody mixture including Pyrenean turpentine resin, holly berries and leaves, pine resin, yarrow, sage, dried apple, and macerated in sweet Moscatel wine for a lunar cycle. This incense is to be used in protection and warding rituals, to prevent noxious energies... Continue Reading →

Conjuration Incense

The Conjuration Incense is one of our first blends, and its efficiency has been proved several times. This incense has been made according to the recipe found in Hyslop’s Folk Herbal, and it is meant to be used for inducing the manifestation of spirits or ‘devils’. In origin, its components were traditionally seen as spirit... Continue Reading →

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