What is a witch? What is witchcraft?

*To those of you who may wish to know more about primitive witchcraft, Júlia, co-owner of Occvlta, is working on a book on witchcraft in the Pyrenees that will soon be published through Atramentous Press. ** In this text we use bruxa (primitive witch) as a genderless entity. As most of you may have observed... Continue Reading →

Reading Suggestions on the Poison Path

In all honesty, it has been really hard to write this post: it has taken us more than 2 years. We have never been really fond of reading lists, and thus we expect this article will not be seen like that. We have received lots of enquiries regarding recommended books in herbalism and the Poison Path... Continue Reading →

Sacred Tool series: the Harvester Set

Today we received six harvesting knives wonderfully envisioned and hand crafted by Cody Dickerson from Borealis Ironworks (you can find his fantastic Etsy shop in here), which will integrate the upcoming Harvester Sets (composed of a harvest/gathering knife and an oil to anoint the blade before the harvesting ritual). They are perfect sized (portable and... Continue Reading →

Addiction in the Path of Poisons

It's usual to receive concerned questions on the topic of the potential danger of Poisons, and the threat of addiction in the Poison Path. Addiction, as we know it, is the inability to control the need for a substance, thus creating a sensation of lack or pain in the body. This situation seems to be scary to practitioners of... Continue Reading →

Necromancy Incense

This is a special incense for necromantic purposes, which can be used as an offering to the Spirits of the Dead or to achieve contact with the dwellers of the Underworld. Made with utmost reverence to the Deceased, this blend contains a mixture of wormwood gathered by night, benzoin resin, coptic frankincense, poppy seeds, hemlock, cedar, yew,... Continue Reading →


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