Spirit Vessels

tempIt seems it was a common European folk belief which claimed that, for a witch to get hold of helping demon/fairy familiars, the witch should carry a needle cage which would be filled with little demons and all sorts of helping fairies. In the Basque tradition, they are called Kutun or Jostorratz, and in the Catalan tradition, they are known as canutets de minairons, and it seems this custom was also present in other areas of Europe.

In Basque witchcraft, it is believed that if a witch gave his/her needle cage before dying, the receiver would be transferred all his/her powers.

Thus, we have started offering a series of handmade terracotta needle cages, emptied to host familiar spirits. Each of them is one-of-a-kind, and they all have a cap that can be easily removed.

Available at the Store.


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