The Complexities of Cursing

IMG_2171At end of the year we decided to start working on something we had never done before: a new incense blend (which is to be called Maledictio and will soon be made available) to aid on curse and banishing spellwork. This may come as polemic to some, since this kind of spellwork is often labelled as “harmful” or “non-ethical”. But spellwork, as we know it, does not care about ethics or morale, as witchcraft doesn’t either. It all depends on the practitioner, his/her ethical and moral code (if any), and the way he/she will devise to work with spirit allies. Cursing and banishing, which have been so frowned upon in the last half of the past century (perhaps as a result of the domestication of witchcraft), have always been present in the Crooked Path, they have both shaped Tradition and have been equally molded by It. Denying this would mean denying an important part of our magical heritage.

So, why making an incense? Is it even necessary? When we started meditating on the complexities of cursing, we tried to find out what were the constant features that were needed to curse effectively. Firstly, we tried to discover what energies made that kind of spellwork possible. It has widely been claimed that cursing and banishing spellwork can only be executed with the help of “”””evil”””” spirits. But this, again, perpetuates the consideration of an inherent morale or ethics of witchcraft and magic. Effective spellwork does not rely on the “moral nature” of spirits (if that exists), but on the bond the practitioner has with them. It would make no sense asking a demon to make your dirty work if there is no real pact between you two.

Thus, we focused the way in which we act with spirits when it comes to this type of spellwork. Leaving aside the motivation or the goal of a curse, it is easy to perceive that, in order to develop a curse, we need to vibrate on a certain frequency: mind, body, and spirit have to be aligned in a way that differs from other types of spellwork. The bond created with the fetish, the symbol, the sigil, or the magical act comes from a very deep feeling/emotion: that of pain, which has either been received or which will be given.

Pain is very visceral and powerful. We all know the way Pain flows through us, the way it grows inside us, the way in which we hang on to it at times, or the way it activates internal processes that we didn’t know could happen. When wanting to curse effectively, we have to keep Pain in mind, present it to ally spirits, and transform it into magical action. The crucial point in cursing, which is probably the way in which we have communicated our intention to spirits, and the bond that has developed from it, entirely depends on our management of Pain.

That is what we intended to capture when crafting the Maledictio incense. In order to spare the practitioner from a part of the effort made to capture and transform Pain into magical action, we devised a spirit fumigation that effectively raises the feelings needed to carry out what Cursing demands. The most important part, of course, remains in hands of the practitioner, but this incense intends to give the most suitable condition for conducting a short term jinx or a malediction.

The Maledictio blend is composed of a series of plant spirits usually that resemble the parts or integrants of an effective cursing spell:

The new Maledictio Incense
  • first and foremost, a stable structure and for the practitioner and his/her surroundings (no fireback) provided by the Master, by the help of the walnut, fig tree wood, and storax bark
  • effective direction of the intended harmful or vengeful result towards the target, acquired with the aid of hellebore and monkshood
  • making it impossible for the target to counter-attack magically, by the help of hemlock and parsley
  • raising the adequate spirits or its adequate energy in an intense momentum with the help of mustard seeds
  • fixating the effect over time and space, with the help of clove and blackthorn thorns
  • protecting the practitioner from potential fireback, porportioned by the poignant smell of devil’s dung, asafoetida

It would be advisable to use this incense the same way you would call upon the spirits that must help you through your spell, appealing to its essence with vehemency.

Remember that before carrying out this kind of work, is it recommendable to protect your space and those whom may be affected by its energy. Afterwards, make a cleansing of you, your tools and space, to make sure the pain you had to invoke does not follow you around, as well as not breaking the pact and agreement you reached with your allies. Of course, no spellwork (of any kind) is fully under control, but there is no harm in keeping all the potential variables under control.

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