On the process of tincturing


The path of liquids and potions is a very complicate and intricate one. The practitioner is always advised prudence because, apart from dealing with the Spirits of herbs and solid dry elements, one must deal with the elusive and tricky Spirits of the liquid realm. Depending on the elixir and the procedure, different results may appear, often unpredictable and compromising.

Tincturing implies submerging a solid substance in alcohol and leave it to macerate for a determinate period of time. A maceration in alcohol elevates the power and energy of the solids to a higher plane. It is very different from an infusion in water, since the liquid we deal with in this case bears different powers.

Alcohol (from the Arabic al-kuḥl, “the spirit”) is considered angelic in nature, it is the alchemical aqua vitae, which is obtained from the processes of distillation and sublimation, thus achieving the highest ratio of alcohol concentration possible. The alcohol used in tinctures is the resulting product a repeated distillation, called the spirits of wine in the western tradition. And no other shall be used, for it is by no means comparable to the solution we use for external use nowadays, which comes from a mixture of etanol (alcohol obtained by distillation) and metanol or other substances in order to de-naturalise it, such as Benzalkonium chloride (ruining its power and taste in order to avoid potential human addiction).

Divination tincture process

To that sublime liquid we add the material which we want to elevate, be it fresh or dried plants, resins, woods, fruits, etc. After submerging them with the appropriate ritual preparation and timing, the menstruum is left to sit for a determined period of time that will depend on the practitioner and the purpose of the intended product.

Tinctures may be used externally or internally (in such case, care must be taken so as no avoid being a health hazard, and so the alcohol percentage should not be excessive).

In OCCVLTA we have created two different tinctures up to date: the divination and the myrrh tincture, totally different products but both sharing the features of elevating the powers of the solids implied to the highest degree possible.


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