The Path of Poisons: 3-Week Online Course

Historical and Anthropological Dimensions of Poison in the Western Tradition Introduction Course Syllabus Calendar Pricing How to enroll Introduction It seems the allure of Poisons is irresistible to us. Despite representing what is dangerous and forbidden, we cannot seem to ever escape their calling; poisons inspire something primeval and powerfully seductive, they offer us the... Continue Reading →

La Senda de los Venenos: Curso Online de 3 Semanas

Dimensiones históricas y antropológicas del Veneno en la Tradición Occidental Introducción Contenidos del Curso Calendario Precios Cómo inscribirse Introducción Parece que el encanto de los venenos es irresistible para el ser humano. A pesar de representar lo que es peligroso y prohibido, parece que nunca podemos escapar de su llamada; los venenos inspiran algo primitivo... Continue Reading →

Necromancia y Herbalismo: Curso Online

Necromancia y Herbalismo las Plantas de los Muertos Introducción Contenidos del Curso Calendario Precios Cómo inscribirse Introducción Nuestras vidas dependen de la muerte. Nos alimentamos con la Muerte cada vez que comemos, revivimos a los Muertos cada vez que hablamos o pensamos en ellos. Celebramos cíclicamente la muerte y el renacimiento del ciclo natural. Y... Continue Reading →

Necromancy and Herbalism: Online Course

Necromancy and Herbalism Plants of the Dead Introduction Course Syllabus Calendar Pricing How to enroll Introduction Information Our lives depend on Death. We nourish ourselves with Death every time we eat, we revive the Dead each time we talk about or think about them. We cyclically celebrate the Death and Rebirth of the natural cycle.... Continue Reading →

What is a witch? What is witchcraft?

*To those of you who may wish to know more about primitive witchcraft, Júlia, co-owner of Occvlta, is working on a book on witchcraft in the Pyrenees that will soon be published through Atramentous Press. ** In this text we use bruxa (primitive witch) as a genderless entity. As most of you may have observed... Continue Reading →

¿Qué es una bruja? ¿Qué es la brujería?

*Para aquellos que quieran saber más sobre el tema, Júlia, co-fundadora de Occvlta, publicará un libro sobre brujería primitiva a través de Atramentous Press. **En este texto usamos la palabra bruja (o bruxa, indistintamente) para designar a una entidad sin género. Como la mayoría de vosotros habréis visto, no consideramos que las brujas sean lo... Continue Reading →

An Introduction to Powders and Dusts

*It is important to note here that we make no difference between powders and dusts, as they are both referred to as polvo or polvos in Spanish. Powders and dusts are one of the least understood and most overlooked concoctions in sorcery and magic. It seems we don’t know how or when to use them,... Continue Reading →

Pyrene, Awaken Once More

This weekend we attended the second edition of L'Homme Sauvage festival, in the French region of Occitania. We never thought it would be possible, but this edition was even better than the first one. Everything seemed to collide perfectly: the people, the performances, the location, and a feeling that gave cohesion to it all, orchestrated... Continue Reading →

Spirit Vessels

It seems it was a common European folk belief which claimed that, for a witch to get hold of helping demon/fairy familiars, the witch should carry a needle cage which would be filled with little demons and all sorts of helping fairies. In the Basque tradition, they are called Kutun or Jostorratz, and in the Catalan... Continue Reading →

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